willing to give it up He gave it back to me, this time with real purpose. “Tell the world about me through songs and your acting experience” was what I kept hearing in my heart. You see when my eyes were open to the Truth, I realized my son was totally into demonic metal. I truly wanted to be used in revealing to young people that Jesus had power over all the demons and salvation is at hand because of His sacrifice on the cross. Michael Bloodgood and I had never met until I answered an ad in a local Seattle rock magazine seeking a white metal singer, well rooted in the Word. That was me, I called, it was Michael. We met and confirmed that this was of God. The plan was to meet and pray every week before picking up our instruments. We asked for lyrics, melodies and arrangements to bring the good news. It seemed as if every door was open to get us to the people that needed to hear. Through the years many have come as a result of Bloodgood, sharing the love that God has for everyone. Welcome to this place. I invite you to listen, enjoy and get to know us, but most of all, know Him.