Slick-SilŪ Anti-Microbial Coating

Westone now offers the advanced technology Slick-SilŪ Anti-Microbial Coating as an option on most custom molds and custom ear plugs. Slick-Sil is chemically bonded to the material of the ear plugs or molds during the production process to provide a permanent barrier that is proven to be 99.9% effective against bacteria, germs and other pathogens that can cause infection, ear itching, pain and odor.

Slick-Sil attacks pathogenic cells at multiple sites, destroying the microorganism's physiological and/or reproductive functions. The result is that reproduction is halted and/or the pathogen is killed before it can build up to a population large enough to cause problems. We live in a sea of microorganisms and the ear is a warm, humid environment, perfect for rapid reproduction of the microorganisms that cause us humans the most problem.

With Slick-Sil, you will not have to worry about whether your ear plugs or ear molds are safe to put back in your ears. Regular washing with soap and water is all you need to maintain ear hygiene. No complicated, expensive disinfecting is needed once your ear plugs or molds are treated with the permanent Slick-Sil Anti-Microbial Coating.

As a bonus Slick-Sil Anti-Microbial Coating also eliminates the need for a lubricant. The super slick surface of Slick-Sil treated ear plugs and molds, mean they slide smoothly and fit comfortably in your ears without the need for any kind of messy lubricant.

Please be advised that choosing the Slick-Sil coating may result in darker-colored ear plugs.

NOTE: Slick-Sil cannot be used with the Disappear Color option because the coating ruins the effect of the disappear design. For a similar inconspicuous color that is compatible with the Slick-Sil coating, please choose the special color "Rose" by telling us in the comments box during checkout.

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