How do you know if Natural Sound Ear Plugs are a good choice for you?

You may realize tremendous benefits from Natural Sound Ear Plugs if one or more of these descriptions fit your situation:

  • When you are a music lover who loves concerts and clubs where the music is too loud to be safe, but you still want to accurately hear the music you love.
  • When you are a musician who must hear the music accurately, but you need to reduce the volume to save your hearing.
  • When you are a supervisor in a workplace who must be able to converse with others in a noisy environment, but you must wear hearing protection to comply with OSHA rules.
  • When you have hyperacusis (extreme sensitivity to sound) and really need to turn down the volume on your world.
  • When you have auditory processing disorders that make it difficult to sort out the important from the unimportant auditory information.
  • When you live with a hearing impaired person who must run the TV or radio at higher volume than you would like.
  • When you live in an apartment next door to noisy neighbors. With natural sound plugs you can turn up your TV loud enough to drown them out and wear your plugs to reduce the volume to your preferred level.
  • When you just need to "take the edge off" of your noisy world--lower the volume--but still hear accurately.

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