Instructions for Custom Products That Require Ear Impressions

For custom ear molds, custom ear plugs, full custom earphones, and full custom hunting hearing aids, you must first obtain a set of ear impressions. We include the option of adding a do it yourself impression kit for an additional charge when you order a custom product from Ear Plug Superstore, with the exception of custom earphones, musician monitors, and custom hunting hearing aids, for which we require professionally made ear impressions. The one exception to this rule is Got Ears? Challenger earphones, for which we do accept self made impressions.

If you do not choose to make your own impressions or you need professionally made impressions for a custom earphone or monitor you can visit a local audiologist to have your impressions professionally made. Audiologists usually charge from $15 to $50 to make impressions, so we suggest that you call around to find a good deal.

Either way is fine with us. It is entirely up to you. We offer the impression kit as a convenience option only, for those who are comfortable making their own impressions. Audiologists routinely advise against making your own impressions, but in our experience the process is simple and safe as long as your ears do not have any medical issues and you carefully follow the directions.

See the diy impression kit directions here.

Once you have your impressions ready, please take pictures of the impressions and email those to us so that we can perform a preliminary inspection to determine if your impressions are adequate for the custom product you have ordered. We find that first sending pictures can improve the process by avoiding the delay and expense of sending more impressions if the first ones are not suitable. Once you get preliminary approval of the impressions, simply mail them to the address provided below. We will match your order with your impressions and contact you to discuss your order if we have any questions about it. You are welcome to email or call us to discuss your order at any time. We will be happy to assist you in deciding on the best custom product for your application. Contact us at or call during business hours: 1 (918) 478-5500.

Ear impressions are a physical representation of your ear canals and of the cavities in your outer ear. These impressions are used by earmold lab technicians to make a custom ear plug, ear mold or a shell for an earphone earpiece or a shell for a hunting hearing aid that will precisely fit into your ear(s). The process of making your custom product begins when the impression is submerged in a thermoplastic medium that sets up, becoming a solid. The impression is then removed from the solid block of thermoplastic, and the hole it leaves is exactly the shape and size of the inside of your ear where the impression came from. The lab tech then pours into this cavity, the material to be used to make your ear plugs, molds or shells, and lets that material cure. Once it has cured, becoming a solid, the custom product is removed from the cavity, then drilled out, sanded, coated and finished as appropriate to the product you have ordered, then shipped back to us for a final quality control check, and finally forwarded to you to enjoy.

Please mail your impressions to the address below, and be sure to include your email and at least one phone number where we can reach you. If you have already placed an order for a custom product through our web store, please also include the order number or a copy of the order confirmation you received from us. We will call or email you if we have questions:

Custom Products Department
Ear Plug Superstore
1709 Bell Road
Fort Gibson, OK 74434

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help. You can reach us at: or call us during business hours at 1-918-478-5500.

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