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Pupillary Distance Measurement (PD)

Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between the pupils in millimeters. This measurement is needed when prescription lenses are being mounted in your eyeglass frames.

In general, PD measurements fall in the range of 48mm to 73mm. The most common measurements are between 58mm and 68mm.

You can use one of three methods to obtain this measurement:


Method #1

The simplest method is to go to your Eye Doctor or Optometrist for an eye exam.  Ask your Eye Doctor or Optometrist for your PD measurement.


Method #2

You can use this method wearing glasses, contacts, or no visual aids.  You will need:

A mirror you can stand in front of
A ruler with millimeter measurements

Follow the steps below::

1. Stand with you face about 20 cm (8 inches) from the mirror.
2. Close your right eye and look only with your left eye.
3. Place a ruler flat against the mirror and align it horizontally with the millimeter scale pointing up.
4. Look over the top of the ruler and align the zero mark in the center of your left pupil.
5. Open your right eye and close the left, but do not move your face or the ruler.
6. Read the millimeter measurement corresponding to the center of your right pupil.
7. Repeat the procedure several times to make sure you have a consistent measurement.


Method #3

You can use this method only if you are wearing glasses.  You will need:

Your glasses
A NON-permanent marker
A person to help you
A ruler with millimeter measurements

Follow the steps below::

1. Have your helper stand in front of you and mark a dot in the center of each pupil on your glasses.
2. Measure the distance between the dots in millimeters.


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