Symbols We Can Engrave on Your Item

Any of the symbols shown below can be added to the engraving for the item you've selected.  Simply select the symbol you'd like from the 'Include a Symbol' drop down list that appears on the product ordering page (don't worry, we don't engrave the  description that appears beneath the symbol, just the symbol itself).  That's where you'll also see the price of engraving.  Symbols vary in price based on how long they take to engrave.  The categories of symbols offered are: Zodiac, Musical, Holidays, Nature, Sports, Events, Standard, Emblems, Events, and Chinese Symbols.

It's okay to combine a symbol with a multi-line inscription, but you will need to leave some extra room.  For example, you can select a Zodiac symbol from the drop down list, and enter the recipient's name in the front inscription.  But, if the item allows, say, 20 characters and you also want a symbol, you should leave at least 20% of the available inscription line blank to accommodate the symbol.  You will be charged the price of the symbol in addition to the price of the multi-line inscription.  If you want to provide special instructions for the positioning of your symbol relative to text, you may use the Special Instructions field that's provided.  If you have a custom logo you'd like engraved, click on the link called Special.  Note: No color is added during traditional engraving.  So, wherever you see black, that's where we will etch into the metal.
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We are now offering the option to engrave 1, 2, 3, or 4 Chinese symbols on the same piece.  When requesting multiple Chinese symbols, select "Any 2 Chinese Symbols", "Any 3 Chinese Symbols", or "Any 4 Chinese Symbols" from the 'Include a Symbol' selection box on the item's ordering page, and then in Special Instructions specify which Chinese symbols you'd like and where you'd like and the order in which you'd like them to be engraved.  Note: We are only offering multiple Chinese symbols on the same side of an item   For all other symbols, we can only engrave one on each side of the item being purchased.
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The Spade, Heart, Diamond, and Club symbols can each be engraved separately for $5.95, or you can select 'All Four Card Suits' in the Include A Symbol selection field for $19.95 to have all four symbols engraved on the same side of a bracelet, locket, pendant, or keychain, and then specify in the Special Instructions field how they are to be placed.  If you are combining text with the symbols, be sure to leave approximately 4 characters worth of space for each symbol.

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