Healed by God


 The story of King Hezekiah from the Old Testament books of

2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, & Isaiah

Among the Old Testament kings of the bible, Hezekiah is regarded as one of the very best.  He honored God by removing the idols the people had been worshipping, and by reopening the temple in Jerusalem.  Scripture records that none of the kings before him or after him were as close to God as he was, and God prospered everything he did.  

Half way through his life, Hezekiah became ill and was told by the prophet Isaiah that he was going to die.  Hezekiah prayed to God for healing, and wept bitterly. , and God sent Isaiah to tell the King that he'd granted him fifteen more years of life.  But, Hezekiah didn't respond to the news with thanksgiving and praise.

Instead, he demanded proof that his healing had truly come from God.  So, Isaiah performed a miracle, reversing time by ten minutes so that Hezekiah would be convinced. 

A short time later, several envoys from the King of Babylon came to visit Hezekiah.  They had heard of a miraculous healing, and wanted to know more.  But, God was testing Hezekiah to see what he would tell them, and when he failed to give the glory to God for his healing, Isaiah prophesied that everything in Hezekiah's palace would soon be carried off, and that his sons would become slaves to the King of Babylon.

The story of Hezekiah teaches us that if we believe in God's healing power, and if we pray for healing and ask others to pray for us as well, then if God grants those prayers, it's important to give Him the glory.


Healed by God jewelry is inscribed with the words of David found in Psalm 30:2, "O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me".  The inscription is written in Hebrew so that it will invite others to ask what it means, and will provide you with the opportunity to tell about the healing power of God in your life. 

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