About Buying Ice Skates:

This buying guide includes a basic overview of the different types of ice skates available including:

Recreational Ice Skates
Figure Skates
Ice Hockey Skates

Recreational Ice Skates: Recreational ice skates are styles of skates typically worn for pleasure skating including recreational rink ice skating, pond ice skating. Recreational ice skates include both figure and hockey style blades, depending upon your preference.

In general, if you are taking ice skating lessons you will want to consider entry-level figure skates or better. If you have aspirations to jump or spin, or already do so you will need figure skates above the recreational level.

If you are in an organized hockey program or play team hockey regularly you will need hockey skates that are designed for team play, not just recreational skating.

Figure Skates: We have several levels of figure skates. Entry level figure skates are designed for skaters taking group lessons or who currently skate regularly and are learning or doing basic skills such as backward skating, low level jumps such as bunny hops and waltz jumps and footwork fundamentals such as three turns, Mohawks and edge work.

Advanced and Competitive Figure Skates: Advanced and competitive figure skates are designed for skaters taking higher level group lesson programs or who take private lessons. Skaters who jump, spin and do more advanced footwork typically wear skates of this caliber. The skates in this category will satisfy figure skaters who are doing single jumps through Axel and double jumps such as toe loops and flips.

Figure Skate Boot and Blade Combinations. For more advanced skaters, we recommend boot and blade combinations. We feature boots from several manufacturers. Our most frequently recommended boot line is Riedell because of their overall quality, availability and wide ranging application. Riedell boots are available from beginner to Olympic caliber, with every size and width possible. Special make-ups and full custom sizing are also available. We carry the full line of MK and Wilson figure skating blades , including parabolic blades. We also carry several other blade lines.

We have several skating coaches and experienced figure skaters on staff to help you choose the figure skate or boot and blade combination that is right for your skill or instructional level.

You can also consult our Skate Selector Guide for assistance with choosing skates that are appropriate for your skill or instructional level.

Ice Hockey Skates: If you are playing hockey, you will need a skate that is a step up from basic recreational hockey skates. “Soft boot” recreational styles do not have the ruggedness necessary to handle the impact of a stick or puck on the skate, nor the stiffness and precision necessary for the high speed, quck turns and acceleration necessary to play the game. We carry top brands of hockey skates including CCM, RBK, Nike/Bauer and Mission.