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Share the tradition - Automobile Cup Holders.


Today automobile cup holders are standard equipment in most automobiles - meticulously engineered, tested, surveyed and rated - but their history is fairly short. In the '60s and '70s automobile manufacturers created small indents in the flip top of the glove compartment - not a totally satisfactory solution as drinks tended to spill once the car started moving. In the '80s accessory and convenient stores sold stick-up devices that hung from the window to hold a drink in place. Recognizing the popularity of these extras, automobile manufacturers began including cup holders in their designs - and the race for the ultimate cup holder was on. Today's versions pop-up or out from discreetly hidden compartments, expand or shrink to fit the size of the cup, switch from right to left handed and are available in front and back.


On July 5, 2002 the Wall Street Journal published an article, "Caution: Contents Are Extremely Hot", in which they rated commuter mugs. WSJ sought to determine whether it is possible to find a commuter mug that keeps coffee hot and delivers it only to your mouth, not your shirt. WSJ ordered five insulated travel mugs from,, Brookstone, Kitchen Etc. and They tested the mugs for spill control by tipping the containers over, dropping them and rolling them around on the floor of the car. They also checked to see how well the mugs fit into different cup holders. To assess heat retention, WSJ reporters poured just-brewed coffee into each mug, closed it and checked the temperature three hours later. We are most pleased to report that the Drive Time Travel Mug from received top honors. According to the WSJ, "Not only was the blue Drive Time Travel Mug the best looking of the bunch, it had the only lid that stopped leaks completely, even when turned upside down." In addition, the cup's "high, flared rim felt best against the lips and kept the coffee from splashing through the spout as we drove through the bumps. It's overall utility and stylish looks made it our favorite". WSJ also awarded Best Overall and said the site was well organized and easy to navigate, the package arrived on time and shipment times were clearly stated. Use your newsletter coupon and save on the Drive Time Travel Mug.

Back in the 1950s the Pan American Coffee Bureau used the slogan "Make that One for the Road coffee". When the ad was criticized as encouraging drunk driving, the slogan was changed to "Stay Alert, Stay Alive - Make it Coffee When You Drive". Today when you drive, drive with the Trudeau Drive Time Travel Mug or the Ceramic Travel Mug, a mug that feels like a ceramic mug you use at home, fits in your cup holder and even goes into the microwave and the dishwasher. It really does leave ordinary travel mugs in the dust - so to speak.


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