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Fruitcake, a Christmas tradition - perhaps best described by Truman Capote in A Christmas Memory. The bittersweet story of an innocent time, a child's sense of wonder and the warmth, comfort and generosity of the holiday spirit, A Christmas Memory tells the story of a young boy and his elderly cousin who, each year, followed a ritual of making fruitcakes - picking pecans, bargaining for whiskey, mixing and baking - all the while deciding who would receive the fruits of their labors. Who received the fruitcakes?

"Friends. Not necessarily neighbor friends: indeed, the larger share is intended for persons we've met maybe once, perhaps not at all. People who've struck our fancy. Like President Roosevelt, Like the Reverend and Mrs, J.C. Lucey, Baptist missionaries to Borneo who lectured here last winter. Or the little knife grinder who comes through town twice a year. Or Abner Packer, the driver of the six o'clock bus from Mobile, who exchanges waves with us every day as he passes in a dust-cloud whoosh. Or the young Wistons, a California couple whose car one afternoon broke down outside the house and who spent a pleasant hour chatting with us on the porch." (1).


Grandma's Original Fruit and Nut Cakes in a two pound ring or a one pound loaf, are a classic combination of rich, ripe cherries, pineapples, fancy golden raisins, walnuts, pecans and almonds - not to mention Kentucky Bourbon, Jamaican rum and fine brandies. Grandma's Fruit and Nut cakes are 75% - 85% fruits and nuts, which, along with the liquors, keep the fruitcakes moist for months - even years. You will not find heavy spices or citron, peel and other fillers in Grandma's Fruit Cakes. Grandma's Fruit and Nut Cake follow an old German recipe and baking technique designed to provide the long, lazy mellowing the cake requires. Please remember to use your newsletter coupon when purchasing.


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1. Capote, Truman, A Christmas Memory (New York, Random House, 1996, p 26)
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