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Coffee cake, according to Webster's New Word Dictionary of the Culinary Arts is "a sweet, leavened bread-like cake usually flavored with nuts, fruit or spices and topped with frosting, glaze or streusel, traditionally served for breakfast or brunch." According to Elizabeth Alston in Tea Breads and Coffeecakes coffee cakes are, "informal, homey baked goods that need no frosting or buttercream filling." Non-culinary dictionaries define coffeecakes more simply. According to The American HeritageŽ Dictionary of the English Language coffee cake is a "cake or sweetened bread, often containing nuts or raisins." Wordsmyth English Dictionary also defines coffee cake as a cake or sweet bread with nuts or raisons and adds that coffee cake is usually served with coffee. The WordNet Vocabulary Helper dismisses the nuts and raisons states simply that coffee cake is a "cake or sweet bread usually served with coffee".

In the December 2001 issue of Gourmet magazine editor Ruth Reichl writes about baking coffee cake in times of trouble. Following the September 11 attacks Reichl filled her house with friends and roasted meat, made pasta sauces, experimented with complicated duck recipes and - almost every day baked the same coffee cake. The rich, warm aroma of coffee cake, Reichl says, filled the house like the promise that things will soon be fine and her houseful of guests devoured it for breakfast, ate it for snacks and topped it with fruit and ice cream for dessert. Simple, traditional coffee cake is a cake that lifts the spirits, Reichel says. We hope our coffee cakes lift spirits this season and invite you to share them with your friends and family. Use your newsletter coupon on all of your orders.

My Grandma's of New England Kosher Coffee Cake

Celebrate Hannukkah with My Grandma's of New England Coffee Cakes. Boston based My Grandma's of New England bakery is Kosher under Orthodox supervision.

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