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Dear reader,

Upcoming deadline:

  • Very Short Fiction Award: 1st place $1,500 and publication in Issue 97. Deadline: 4/30.
    (The grace period for the March Family Matters contest ends 4/7.)

  • Winners and finalists will be announced in the July 1 bulletin, and contacted directly the previous week.
  • Second- and 3rd-place winners receive $500/$300, respectively, or, if accepted for publication, $700. Writing Guidelines
  • Open to all! Any story—up to 3,000 words—that has not been accepted for print publication is welcome.
  • As always, simultaneous submissions are okay; please just notify us immediately if your submission is accepted elsewhere.
Essays in this bulletin:
Christa Romanosky: I've always been curious about people: how they act, what makes them feel overjoyed, ashamed, excited, alarmed, devious. I want to know the origins of their behaviors. Interesting people, and therefore interesting characters, are complicated. (read more)
Aline Ohanesian: Rejection is rarely personal, we tell them. It has very little to do with what's being chosen or not chosen, and everything to do with the person choosing. (read more)
Andy Roe: For better or for worse, I'm slow. Every writer operates differently, and for too many years I felt like I was doing it "wrong" because my glacial process didn't match that of my peers. (read more)
Mojie Crigler: When I first signed with an agent, I was grateful and excited but so intimidated and insecure that I had a hard time disagreeing or asking challenging questions. Come to the conversation ready to do business, i.e., to talk money, deadlines, logistics. (read more)

Results of the January Very Short Fiction Award

Winners and finalists have been notified, the Top 25 list is posted, and here are the Honorable Mentions. Our thanks to all of you for letting us read your stories!

  • 1st place goes to Christa Romanosky for "Every Shape That the Moon Makes." Publishes in Issue #96.
  • 2nd place goes to Adam Soto for "The Box."
  • 3rd place goes to Katy E. Ellis for "Night Watch."
Feel free to forward this bulletin to your writer friends. As you know, the bulletin is free and meant to inform and to promote writers. (We never share your info.) People can sign up for bulletins themselves here. Missed a bulletin? They're all archived here.
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