Henry, evaluating the situation in March 1973

Upcoming deadline:

  • Family Matters. First place: $1,500 and publication in Glimmer Train. Deadline: April 30.
  • Entries tend to run from 1,000 to 5,000 words, but all lengths up to 12,000 words are welcome.
  • We invite stories about families of all configurations. Writing Guidelines
  • People spend much of their lives trying to repress and hide things, and I've come to feel that it's the business of fiction to bring up to visibility those things that families and social groups and individuals habitually hide.—Charles Baxter, interviewed by Jeremiah Chamberlin.
Essays in this bulletin:
Siamak Vossoughi: A writer only runs the risk of being preachy or dogmatic if he or she makes a character of one political belief less three-dimensional and human than that of another. (more)
Allison Amend: I just wanted to write you a letter and reassure you that fifteen years from now you will still worry endlessly. But you will be worrying about the writing, rather than about being a writer. (more)
Joshua Henkin: It's not a tune I'm humming but the words themselves, more a drone than a tune—I'm listening to the words as I type them on the page. Reading your work aloud also makes you slow down; it allows you to see the excess. (more)
Gregory Spatz: I also advise students to search out characters whose lives are under just the right amount of pressure—characters who are, as my teacher Jim McPherson always said, in a "thin place." (more)

Results of the January Very Short Fiction Award

Winners and finalists have been notified, the Top 25 list is posted, and here are the Honorable Mentions. (A note about who wins.) Our thanks to all of you for letting us read your stories!

  • 1st place: Siamak Vossoughi for "The X-250"
  • 2nd-place: Elysha Chang for Monkey Brains
  • 3rd-place: Sacha V. Wright for With Karolina
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